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Watch repair

Ремонт часов

Service center. Swiss watch repair

Our service center has all the necessary Swiss and German equipment for high-quality watch repair. Our master craftsmen use equipment only of such reliable brands as Witschi and Bergeon. Swiss watch repair takes about five days. Our master craftsmen can produce, order and install any missing part of the mechanism of your watch, including a sophisticated and nonstandard one, recreate any detail of their appearance: restore the case, stem, choose an original glass, hand or face, in short, do everything necessary to get the watch right.

Ремонт часов
Полировка часов

Watch polishing

In our center you can have the case, buttons, fastener, any metal part of the watch polished. Our master craftsmen will analyze the metal, select the necessary materials and carry out thorough cleaning and polishing of your watch. The watch polishing is carried out within about two days. 


Strap fabrication and repair

We offer a unique possibility to order a strap from high quality skin of an alligator, shark, skate, lizard or python and to independently choose all parameters individualizing the appearance of the item: material, color, shape, dimensions, texture, details of the appearance. Customized strap fabrication takes about two weeks.
In addition to that, the Watch Restoration Center offers a wide range of watch straps from well-known European producers. In our Center you will be able to choose straps of any size and color to fit every taste from the most diverse materials and of different price categories.


Battery replacement

In our center you can have the battery in your quartz watch replaced. Batteries of Swiss Renata Company are used only. The recommended regularity of battery replacement is every three years. This should be done for steady power consumption and fine work of the mechanism. Special equipment is only used for battery replacement in the watch. 

Ремонт часов
Ремонт часов
Ремонт часов
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